Child Custody Lawsuit in Divorce

Divorce is as much as possible avoided, but if marriage mediation does not also end the problems of the household then what can be done is to prepare everything as well as possible including regarding child custody so that no one is injured especially the children themselves. As a result of divorce, various problems arose from property to seizure of custody of children born in the marriage. You will probably need to find the best Child Custody Lawyers Melbourne so that matters relating to child custody can be resolved properly.

Child Custody Lawsuit?

In general, there are no clear rules that clearly regulate who is more entitled to child custody. There is only one rule that clearly and firmly regulates who has the right to care for children, that is, if a divorce occurs, children under 12 years old are the right for the mother to be able to care … Read more

What to do when you are injured in an Accident

Automobiles are a way of life in the US and across the globe, as such, accidents are inevitable. With over 143 million Americans commuting every day, there is no doubt that accidents are bound to happen – with no end in sight.

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According to statistics, about 1.3 million individuals die in vehicle collisions globally every year. A report published on Safer America reveals that in 2016, there were more than 34,400 fatal car accidents reported to the authorities. Of these crashes, there were 37,461 deaths, including 25,096 car occupants, 7,079 non-occupants, and 5,286 motorcyclists. Luckily, not all car accidents lead to fatalities. Some only cause major or minor injuries. But still, this does not make an accident any less devastating.

With the prevalence of accidents across the globe, knowing what to do in case, you are hurt (or if someone close to you succumbs to the injuries) is vital. In … Read more

Paid Sick Leave Law in New Jersey: Here are the Details you need to know

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New Jersey lawmakers in 2018 passed a law that would see employees in the state get one hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked, which could add up to 40 hours in a benefit year. The law covers everyone, including seasonal and part-time employees.

The act however excludes public employees who are already enjoying sick leave benefits; union construction workers; and per diem nurses. Get in touch with an employment attorney Newark NJ to help you understand if you are covered by this act.

How the leave can be used

Employees are allowed to utilize their accrued paid sick leave after working for at least 120 days from the day they are hired for these reasons:

  • To undergo diagnosis and/or treatment of a physical or mental illness
  • To receive preventive care
  • ●       To provide care or aid to a family member who is undergoing diagnosis or receiving
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