The New Tax Law: Will Small Businesses Benefit or Not?

The recently passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Bill is going to affect everyone, from individual taxpayers to business owners. Will the new tax law bring benefits? Where can you get secure and affordable business funding? Just read this article and you’ll know.

New Tax Law: Need Business Funding for Your Company?

President Donald Trump signed the American Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in December. According to Republicans, the tax law would result in economic growth. Democrats think it favors large corporations and wealthy individuals, which can’t be said about small businesses and individuals with lower income.

6 months ago, President Trump said that his sweeping tax reform would “bring back Main Street” by cutting down taxes on small businesses. The bill is associated with some of the most drastic changes made to personal and business income taxes in decades.

Rob Hassett, an attorney at Business Law Partners, notes that small … Read more

Working with Real Estate Professionals When Selling a House

Selling a house is very complicated. Sellers need to spend many hours working on the house in order to prepare it for the market. A seller may need to make all sorts of changes to the home before they can put it up for sale. For example, they may need to repaint some rooms or even all of the rooms in the home. Many people also need to make many other kinds of changes to the home such as updating a bathroom, fixing a roof or installing a French drain to help cope with local area flooding better. This way, the seller can present the best possible face to any area buyers. Many sellers find it necessary to help outside help as they prepare the home for sale.

Legal Help

One of the first steps many buyers take when selling home is finding good legal help. Selling a home is … Read more