10 Unique Rules in Different Countries You Need to Know Before Visiting There

Each country does have unique rules and different. Some banned spitting, feeding pigeons, even chewing gum.

Each country has different and unique rules. The unique rules are created to preserve the environment in the country and to preserve the culture that has existed for many years. The rules may seem strange to tourists who come because it is different from the culture of the country of origin. But tourists still have to appreciate it.

Before you go on holiday to various countries, you must know some rules you need to know so that you will not get punished.

  1. It is forbidden to save people drowning in China

If you are in China and choose the beach as your destination, you should be careful there. If you see a person drowning in the middle of the sea, you are strictly forbidden to save him. Because saving a drowning person is illegal.

The law refers to an eastern philosophy that says saving people drowns can damage a person’s fate. So, despite your good intentions, you should be careful because you can be punished by the authorities in China.

  1. It is prohibited to show tattoos in Japan

The rules in Japan are very unique, because this rule makes you unable to show off with the tattoos that you have. Most people in Japan do not have tattoos because they always get negative stigma and are associated with criminal and Yakuza groups.

In Japan actually does not prohibit your body for the tattoo, but you are not allowed to show the tattoo in public place. It serves to reduce the negative stigma of society towards Yakuza and criminal groups. If you show a tattoo on your body, you can be the target of a criminal group because you are considered an enemy of them. So, be careful in dressing when you’re in Japan.

  1. It is prohibited to eat chewing gum in Singapore public places

Singapore also has a unique rule to keep the country clean. No wonder if Singapore became one of the successful countries in Asia.

Singapore has rules that do not allow people to eat chewing gum to keep the city clean. Chewing gum that has a sticky texture if thrown indiscriminately in the middle of the road will be dirt then trampled by others. Because in trampled by others, the gum waste will spread and litter all the way.

To reduce this, the Singapore government finally issued a regulation that is prohibited from eating chewing gum. If you are visiting Singapore, make sure you do not bring gum, even eat it in public places.

  1. Prohibited from treading the king ‘s picture in Thailand

Thailand strongly respects the society’s respect for its king. Even until there are regulations that do not allow people to step on the photos of his king, even those in the Thai currency.

If you are in Thailand and find a piece of money, be careful. For example by stepping on it and dragging it to a quiet place then pick it up. Because stepping on the image of the king of Thailand in the currency is an insult and you will be directly punished by the authorities.

  1. Prohibited feeding pigeons in Italy

Although we often see scenes in the movie, someone was feeding dozens of pigeons in Italy, it was prohibited. You can not feed pigeons even though sometimes you are furious with the pigeons that are along the way in Italy.

This is because the pigeon dung will be buried a lot and will pollute the streets and buildings in Italy. If you keep feeding those pigeons, you will be fined US $ 50 – US $ 600. Unfortunately not the money you can use for other purposes?

  1. It is prohibited to drive dirty cars in Russia

If you vacation to Moscow, Russia, do not ever drive a car with dirty conditions and not washed. Even if we do not know what the dirty definition is according to the local government, but anyone who violates this rule will be fined US $ 100.

Perhaps this unique rule is the answer to why the cars in the Russian capital are almost all clean. And you must also ensure that the car you drive is clean and shiny, so as not to be fined by the authorities.

  1. Must turn on the lights when driving in Denmark

The car must turn on the big lights during the daytime. If at night it might be a normal thing, but when the daylight will feel weird huh?

It turned out to be used to reduce the number of traffic accidents in Denmark. If you drive and forget to turn on your headlight, you will be fined up to $ 100. Stay thoroughly yes to turn on the lights before traveling.

  1. No spitting in Singapore, London and Barcelona

The ban on spitting out places has been applied in some countries such as Singapore, London, Barcelona and Vancouver. The government considers that spitting any place will cause health problems and environmental pollution.

Although it looks weird, but citizens in these countries adhere to these unique rules. No half-hearted, the fine set is also very large so that inevitably citizens will obey the rules set. For example in London, spitting and urinating agents will be charged a fine of 80 pounds. Always keep the behavior when it is visiting the countries.

  1. Do not just photograph in Pakistan

Another unique rule comes from Pakistan. There you can not just take a picture. Taking photos with a background like government buildings and military buildings is not allowed in Pakistan.

Taking a family photo at the airport before boarding a plane is a ban, and if you keep doing it you will be fined.

  1. Do not ask the origin of the country in Australia

As a multicultural country, Australian citizens come from almost all corners of the world both through birth and naturalization processes. Australia is not as white as most people think. It is perfectly normal to hear four to five different languages ​​in one train carriage. It is perfectly normal to find Asian, Arab, Latin, eastern Europeans who speak fluent English.

If you ask from whichever country your interlocutor is from, they will answer it with an unpleasant expression because you are considered questioning their Australian level.

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