Loneliness might be the most painful emotion a person can have. It can feel empty and scary and sad and unfair. Being lonely can make a person feel sorry for him or herself. It can make a person feel angry, like “Why me?” It can make someone feel unworthy of love, or like maybe they shouldn’t have gotten divorced. But however you are feeling about loneliness, it’s really, really hard. I want to talk specifically about loneliness after divorce.

A lot of people getting divorced and feeling loneliness after divorce ask, “Will I survive?” My answer is 100% absolutely yes!!

Before I get into how, I want to talk about loneliness, in general. A lot of people going through a divorce look at their married friends and think, ‘I wish I had a marriage like hers,’ or ‘How are they able to make things work and I couldn’t?’

Here’s how

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Legal Support Adjustments A blog discussing the Authorities’s authorized assist reforms and the way forward for the legal assist occupation. Legal Assist WA has a strong working relationship with the personal legal career. Non-public practitioners are funded by …

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Here are excerpts from an email I received from a single mom who writes, “I was cheated on.” The woman dated this guy for 8 years. Seven months ago, she found out he cheated on her for the last year of their relationship, basically living two lives. He ended up choosing to be with the other woman.


I asked him 5 times over the last year if he was seeing anyone else and he said no. 


It’s been almost 7 months and every day I wake up with a punch in my stomach.  When will this ever end?  The feeling of worthlessness I have is overwhelming.  He and I were together for 8 years and for him to treat me so poorly the last year of our relationship has made me feel worthless. 



Want Financial Security After Divorce?


He knew I trusted him completely and he looked in my eyes and lied and knew I

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Divorce is one of the most devastating things you can go through, not just emotionally but financially, as well. Many women come out of the process with a financial situation that seems disastrous.  Part of the reason is because the divorce process is so expensive, but part of it is because they are often left having to pay bills with less money than they had before. That said, I promise there is hope. In this article, I want to offer you 8 money management tips to help you feel less stressed and more optimistic about your financial situation.


8 Money Management Tips for after the divorce

1. Figure out what you have.


If your divorce just wrapped up, you’re probably intimately aware of what you have when it comes to money. Now is the time to make a list of all the bank accounts, credit cards, investment accounts, retirement accounts,

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I remember my first Thanksgiving after divorce 15 years ago. What a mess I was, visiting my family with my two toddlers, feeling sad, scared, embarrassed, angry and so many more emotions. I had gotten separated in August, so everything was still new, feelings were raw, and I was feeling anxiety about the actual divorce process which was impending. All that said, I remember feeling thankful for my family, and I did have a pretty good time.

But what if this is your first Thanksgiving after divorce and you don’t have plans? What if your kids are with your ex this year and you are home alone? What if you have to go to a party by yourself and you don’t even know how to act or what to say to people who ask, “Where’s So and So?” What if you have your kids and they start crying because they

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Jackie, my husband of 11 years (and father of my two kids) has been drinking much more than he used to. In fact, he now drinks at least a 6 pack of beer every night, or sometimes a bottle of wine. I keep finding empty booze bottles around, and our trash can looks like we just had a party. I asked him if he’d try to drink less, because it is expensive, he is gaining weight, and it’s not healthy. He yelled at me and told me it was none of my business. I’m worried. Is my spouse an alcoholic?

This is a difficult question to answer. Picture this. You’re out at a bar where everyone is drinking and seems to be having fun, many people even tipsy. If someone told you there were three people in the crowd who are diagnosed alcoholics, could you step back, look around, and

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