Advice for people who urgently need to sell their house in 2020 and get the full price for their property!

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The real estate offers present on the market at this moment are multiple. Apartments and houses for sale in big cities or houses for sale in the mountains are everywhere, and the chances that they will be sold quickly are quite small if the owners do not pay attention to some details.

Establishing a fair property price

In order to establish a price close to reality, the owners must make an analysis of the properties for sale in the area where the building they want to sell is located and about The House Shop. Of particular importance is the conditions of similar properties: the floor on which the apartment is located, whether the property is detached or semi-detached, total land area, the usable area of the building or land around the house, number of outbuildings, year of construction and condition found out. The correct evaluation of the house is a decisive factor, the house must be viewed with a critical eye.

The building must be clean and bright

The first impression always matters. Buyers especially appreciate a place where they feel “at home” as soon as they enter the door and also a place where it can be seen as investing.  Thus, the apartment must be bright. It is advisable to pull all the blinds and lift the outer shutters.

The bathroom and the kitchen are the decisive elements

Buyers are looking for furnished homes in which to move with minimal investment, and the bathroom and kitchen can be the key elements that decisively tip the balance for buying a home. The kitchen must be repainted to remove the effects of long cooking, the kitchen cabinets must have all the handles, and the doors must be adjusted to be at the same level.

Cleanliness and a pleasant atmosphere

One of the things that are most visible when a property is visited is whether it is clean or not. Apparently, homes that are visited by potential buyers are not always clean or properly ventilated. When this happens, the customer will most likely lose.

Virtual tour

Buyers prefer to take a “virtual tour” of the property before visiting it in person. This is possible nowadays thanks to online technology. We know that time means money, so a preview of the house will be a pre-selection of potential buyers, and only those who really fit the profile of the house will come to visit in person, so you can avoid wasting time and money with those who are just curious.

Professional photos

Hire a professional photographer to take the best quality photos of the home you want to sell. This detail is one of the most important things you need to look for to sell a property. And this choice is all the more important as the market is full of poor quality photos that drive buyers away rather than attract them.

A good result in real estate means involvement, interest, and creativity, and in everything that means the preparation of the sale itself.

Good and professional training makes the sale much easier, and the preparation of the sales house involves such an effort. However, the results will appear immediately.

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