Bicycle Accidents in Washington: Knowledge can Help Prevent Injuries

Bicycle riding is a fun activity. It is the most healthful and environmentally-friendly means of transportation that a man can use. It is also very economical and recreational as well making it an all-rounded user-friendly activity to engage in.

Bicycle riding comes with several challenges. Bicycle accidents are among these challenges and due to this, states across the United States have set up laws which strive to ensure the safety of the cyclist all times when undertaking the activity.

Washington, dubbed the haven for most cyclists, is one such state which has various laws and regulations laid down to protect the cyclists at all times on Washington roads. Drivers and cyclists who deliberately ignore these road laws and end up causing injury to the cyclist can be held liable for any damages incurred.

Washington Bicycle Laws: Legal Overview

In an effort to help avoid and minimize any unnecessary manoeuvers or accidents, all bicyclists and motorists must have the knowledge, understand and abide by the following laws:

a)    State law does not require bicyclists to wear a helmet. This means it is not a legal compelling to have your helmet on while bicycling. It is, however, advisable that all bicyclists have their helmets on because some counties and cities strongly require them to have the helmets on.

b)    The state may close some roads to bicyclists because of safety reasons. They will, however, provide alternate routes that can be used. Certain cities and local governments can completely ban bicycling on sidewalks. It is important for bicyclists to always know which routes are open and which ones access is restricted.

c)    All cyclists are required to ensure that their bicycles have a white front light which is visible for at least 500 feet and also a rear reflector. This is to enable motorists to easily identify the bicyclist from a distance.

d)    In the event that a bicyclist is riding at a speed which is less than the traffic flow, he or she must ride in the furthest right side through the lane to be safe. This law also applies in scenarios with bike lanes.

e)    No more than two bicyclists may ride alongside each other. This law strictly limits the number of bicyclists who can ride alongside each other. This minimizes congestion and cyclists’ jams on the roads or lanes.

Even though rules are made to be broken as most people believe, these Washington Bicycle Laws are very fundamental and critical to all bicyclists and motorists. Accidents cannot be predicted but they can be minimized and avoided. To be on the safer side of the law and from being injured it is prudent for these laws to be known by all bicyclists.

Most drivers neglect their responsibilities of safely sharing the road with their bicycle counterparts. This results in bicycle accidents. If you get involved in an accident which is as a result of a reckless driver, you should seek the services of a Kent bicycle accident attorney to know the legal options you have.

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