Common Medical Mistakes That You Should Know About

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There are an unsettling number of medical mistakes that happen annually. In fact, it’s been estimated that medical mistakes is the number one cause of death, even above heart disease. Despite the stringent laws and requirements of hospitals and medical facilities, serious injuries and even death result because of mistakes that could have been prevented. Information about any medical malpractice harrisburg pa is sought out when families experience unimaginable loss.

A common medical mistake is infections. This is a problem across all areas of medicine, but the highest rates occur in the intensive care unit, neonatal and pediatric care. There are many protocols and procedures that are intended to prevent infection. When there is a lack of adherence, the possibility of an infection increases. It’s a common reason why mothers die after giving birth and the rates of death are not are not slowing down. In fact, studies show an increasing number of instances where a non-life-threatening illness and hospital visit results in death.

Prescription errors are claiming the lives of more than a million patients every year. This often occurs when there is a lack of communication or inaccurate information is obtained, which results in the wrong label being placed on medication. Sometimes it happens when what the doctor has prescribed is wrong. It’s not uncommon for medications that are newly approved by the FDA to have dangerous side effects.

Another medical mistake is making the wrong diagnosis. The reason why this is so troubling is because the wrong diagnosis often results in procedures that never needed to occur. Whether that procedure involves amputation or chemotherapy, it’s something that can have long-term consequences. An inaccurate diagnosis can also mean that a patient doesn’t receive the care they need.

When a doctor or medical team provides a plan of care, there should be adequate follow up to make sure it happens. Since the reason for care plan is to ensure the patient receives the necessary protocol, failure to follow up can result in them not receiving the medication or the procedure needed. There are many occasions when this happens because of short staffing. There simply were not enough health care professionals available to meet the needs of the facility.

Surgical errors happen for a lot of different reasons. Sometimes it’s because the surgeon did not receive an adequate amount of rest after working long hours. There are other instances when the equipment used for the procedure was not sanitary. There are also an increasing number of surgical procedures where the wrong organ is removed. Given the number of medical mistakes that occur every year, it’s important to ask plenty of questions whenever you are receiving medical care, especially the removal of an organ.

If you or a family member is having a procedure performed at a medical facility, it’s best to make sure there is an advocate present. That’s simply a person who is available to ask questions as necessary. Asking the right questions might end up saving a life. You should never feel hesitant to speak up if you think something is wrong.

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