Lawyers have the power to change the way people see things and can ultimately change the world for the better or for the worse. The choice is theirs.

While what makes a difference is the main reason why some people choose to study law, others are driven by the high income possibilities and things that money can buy, or it could be great pressure from family members to follow their family traditions.

Stages to Become a Lawyer

Preparation to become a lawyer begins towards the end of high school. Good grades are essential in order to be accepted into a reputable law school. It is necessary to study at least general subjects and get good grades will surely attract the attention of the admissions team at law school.

What subjects to choose?

To prepare for a more successful future in your law school, it is recommended to choose subjects, English, History, Civics, Sociology, Mathematics and Foreign Languages ​​during high school. Choosing the right subjects carefully will go a long way in helping you in your future legal career.

Where Can You Work With a Law Degree?

After graduating from law school and receiving your Bachelor of Laws degree, there will be many jobs available in law and other fields of work.

A report conducted by an overseas legal organization shows that 88.9% of law school graduates find work quickly after graduation. There are many jobs open to those with a law degree. Here are some of the jobs available:

Paralegal: if you have a law degree, can thrive under pressure, and want to help lawyers win cases, a paralegal job is for you! Paralegals do a lot of legal research and write detailed reports on cases.
Attorney Secretary: You are responsible for running the administration and conducting business activities in the attorney’s office.
It is important to note that neither a notary nor a lawyer is mentioned in the list above because these jobs require more training than just a Bachelor of Law (H) graduate.

Lawyer and Notary Salary

Lawyers are believed to be the most successful in society. This may be true after years of experience, however lawyers fresh out of law school don’t make as much money as people think due to their inexperience and lack of cases being handled.

Lawyer Salary

Lawyers make more money in the long run than notaries. Entry-level lawyers can earn around 7 million per month to 10 million. It all depends on the location, experience and also skills.

Interns undergoing training can expect a minimum salary of 3 million to 5 million rupiah for a year of training depending on various factors.

Lawyers with years of experience can earn salaries of up to 50 million per month and even more if they open a private practice. Some with more than ten years of experience reported their monthly salary in excess of 100 million rupiah.

There are some lawyers who decide to look for work in the public sector. Their average annual salary ranges from 5 million to 15 million depending on the length of their experience.

Notary Salary

Notaries offer legal advice and instill trust in their clients. For beginners, they can expect an income of between 2 to 3 million. Salary increases resulted when they managed to attract new clients, and long working hours in the evenings and weekends.

Those who decide to stay in Jakarta after graduation can make more money in big companies with salaries ranging from 6 million to 10 million rupiah per month. While your salary may be higher in big cities, the competition for the best jobs is fierce. To get the job everyone wants, you need to add an impressive resume with well-known work experience and great additional activities.

After years of hard work, lawyers can be appointed as partners and earn an annual salary of more than 75 million per month and receive additional compensation if they are equity partners working with the company.

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