How To Find A Personal Injury Attorney

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There can be many ways to find a personal injury attorney. Not all of us have a direct contact to a personal injury attorney stored in our cell phone. It’s up to you to seek out the resources to discover where personal injury attorneys can be found. Here are ways you can find a personal injury attorney.

Friends and Family

It makes common sense to start with friends and family when looking for a personal injury attorney. Some of our closest friends may have suffered horrific injuries and hired an attorney who was successful in getting them compensation. You will never know until you ask around within your network. Share with these individuals what happened to you and listen to their suggestions. Often, they can pass along a personal injury attorney’s card they received when dealing with their own personal injury claim. This is why it’s important to have conversations with those closest to you who can give you the best honest advice. Never think that someone hasn’t gone through the same thing you’re experiencing. We are all human and injuries or accidents happen all the time. Friends and family can help you make up your mind faster if you are stuck with making a final decision. You can find any bicycle accident attorney fort lauderdale fl near you.


Use the internet to your advantage to browse through personal injury attorney websites in your local community. There are thousands of reviews from former clients of personal injury attorneys telling the world about their courtroom drama. Many people share their honest truth about how they felt their personal injury attorney handled their case. These are the best to read as they give us a realistic grasp on what to expect if we go to court. Keep in mind, some reviews can be harsh and don’t reflect what all personal injury attorneys are like.

Referral services

There are many referral services to use when finding a personal injury attorney. The Better Business Bureau is the best place to start. It lists client reviews and reveals the rating for the specific personal injury attorney you’re considering. Call the local bar association to talk to the staff who can direct you to the right attorney for your injury. These organizations are set up to help the public reach the right attorney who practices the exact law in relation to your case. The staff can give you a list of names to call in your nearby area. Do not rely on the bar association to handle any screening as that’s your job.

These are ways you can find your next personal injury attorney. Start with your friends and family who are willing guide you in the right direction. Use the internet to read all reviews about the personal injury attorneys in your community. Take advantage of referral services such as the local bar association. Often, they can give you a list of names to call or inform you which personal injury attorney matches your issue.

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