Important Requirements You and Your Partner Must Know To Obtain an Australian Couple Visa.

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Do you want to get an Australian partner visa? Are you in a relationship with an Australian citizen, Australian Permanent Residence, or a New Zealand citizen who meets immigration rules? Have you ever thought about applying for a Partner visa? Did you know that a Visa can bring you a Permanent Residence after 2 years?

Getting an Australian Couple Visa or Partner Visa is the dream of citizens who are in a romantic relationship with an Australian citizen. In recent years there have been changes regarding the conditions for obtaining an Australian Couple Visa.

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here are 7 important requirements to get an Australian Couple Visa!

7 Requirements for obtaining an Australian spouse visa

If you are in a relationship with an Australian citizen, Permanent Residence citizen then you can register yourself for a spouse’s visa.

Below are the types of relationships that are the main conditions for applying for a Couple Visa.

1. Is your marriage legal?

If you are married in Australia or abroad with marital status under the auspices of the law with both parties over the age of 18 years and are the opposite sex.

2. I Establish a De Facto Relationship

To fulfill the de facto relationship requirements you must demonstrate that you have been in a de facto relationship for at least 12 months before you apply for a Partner Visa. You must show that you are not married to your spouse, you are committed to sharing life with your spouse, your relationship is sincere and continues, you live together and have no family relations.

3. How do I register my relationship?

It depends on which state you live in. You can apply for your Spouse’s Visa even if you have not lived together for 12 months even if you have to show proof that at the time of submission you have lived together.

4. Temporary Visa for 2 Years

Temporary Couple Visa is a Temporary Visa for the first stage of the two stages of the Couple Visa, you can combine the two. Temporary visas are usually approved in advance and after 2 years if your relationship continues you are entitled to get a permanent visa. You can work, study and be eligible for a health program from the Australian government. After 2 years of your Provisional Visa active period, the Immigration Department will contact you and your spouse. You must update the required documents, financial evidence, the opinion of the person closest to you and a statement about your relationship.

5. How Long is My Spouse’s Visa Approved?

Depending on the circumstances it usually takes 13 months

6. Permanent Residency

Depending on the circumstances you can immediately get a Permanent Partner Visa without passing the Temporary Visa stage. The prerequisite that you must fulfill is that you have been in a relationship for more than 3 years and have children who depend on you and your spouse. You must send as much evidence as possible that your relationship is sincere and durable. The immigration officer will notify you if they need additional evidence and documents or if they are not satisfied with the evidence you show.

7. Prospective Marriage Visa

If you are married to your spouse, you can apply for a Prospective Marriage Visa from your home country. Once your visa is granted you can come to Australia and stay for 9 months. For 9 months you must get married and apply for a marriage-based Couple Visa.

Prospective Marriage Visa must be sent outside Australia and will not get a Bridging Visa. You must be outside Australia when this visa is approved.

Next Steps, After knowing the seven requirements for obtaining an Australian visa partner, what should you do?

To safeguard your chances of getting an Australian visa partner, what you and your partner should do is consult with an authorized Australian migration agent who has experience handling Australian visa partner applications.

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