Remember These If You Are Hoping for Memorable Visit to Las Vegas

The only expectation from the visit to Las Vegas is to have fun. There is so much to do – gambling, strolling on the streets, big gala events, clubs, helicopter tour, shows, and more. But during those times of adrenaline rush, things may go wrong. Only if you know what can hamper your memorable visit to Las Vegas, your holiday will go as per you dreamt.

Avoid certain places, especially in solitude

Since the economy of Las Vegas depends majorly on the income from the tourists, the authorities have taken all measures to provide a safe city for enjoyment. The roads are well-planned, well-lit with security cameras everywhere and the glitzier parts of Las Vegas Boulevard are closely patrolled by police. There are options for Uber and Lyft and the rideshare drivers are required to pass a vehicle inspection to drive in Las Vegas. Despite this, you would need to be cautious while going alone late at night, near the strip. Its side streets being dark are very unsafe especially north of the Encore resort. The cases of car break-ins, theft and vandalism were reported near the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) and McCarran International Airport. The high-profile gangs are still known to be active.

The city is prone to auto accidents

Car accidents in Las Vegas are on the rising side. Every visitor in the city wants to travel with ease, hence brings out either their own car or rent one out. Around 40 million visitors travel to the sin city every year. Most of them are new to the traffic rules and safety measures of the state. This has increased the occurrence of auto accidents in the city. Also, the population of Las Vegas remains overly excited, most of the time, affecting their safety conscious at the time of driving.

Pickpocketers are very active in the city

The gambling makes Las Vegas a cash-heavy city. Hence, pickpockets are very active here. After a great win, one needs to be extra vigilant in the crowded spaces as well in the secluded areas.

The city is more customized for 21 years or older

The sin city can be best enjoyed if you have a valid ID proof which makes you 21 years or older. This is because, most of the activities are reserved to be carried out by people beyond 21 years of age, such as drinking. No unaccompanied minors are allowed on the streets after 9 P.M. IDs are checked everywhere.

Prostitution is not legal

Contrary to what you might have perceived, paid sex is illegal in Las Vegas or anywhere in Clark County. Only the counties with a population below 700,000 have brothel prostitution to offer. At present, there are around 20 legal brothels in the state.

Can’t hail a taxi on the street

Taxis and ridesharing services in Las Vegas are only allowed to pick up and drop off passengers in the designated area. This means you cannot hail a cab on the streets of Las Vegas. You will have to join an often incredibly long queue of riders to get anywhere in the city.

Avoid buying stuff from the street vendors

The gullible travelers are under a close watch by many fraudsters, in Las Vegas. The street vendors are involved in selling unlicensed bottled water, refilled with tap water, on the streets. Be wary of buying fake “VIP passes” from people on the street or in a casino. Do not indulge in participating in any betting games outside of the casinos, such as three-card monte. These are the biggest scams.

Do not drink too much alcohol

Most predators are on a lookout for the drunk people who can be easily tricked into some scam. The city is heavily fueled by alcohol consumption, and predators can use that to their advantage. Do not drink to the extent of losing your wits.

Stick to your gambling budget

The most attractive thing that Las Vegas can offer, is gambling. It seems adventurous, fun and initially, exciting when you start winning. But there is nothing like consistent winning. You must make a budget of how much money you will spend in gambling; no matter if you are having a lucky win-day or otherwise. Free drinks, pumping music and siren sounds of the gaming floor may play tricks with your mind and guts, but be stubborn to walk once you reach your budget threshold.

Always have a sweater

Being a city with desert climate and temperatures, you will experience extremities of numbers. It’s vital to wear sunscreen and stay hydrated in the summer, even for short walks and pool visits. On the contrary, the indoor establishments have a freezing internal environment. For this reason, you would always want to carry a lightweight sweater or wrap with you.

Many restaurants and night clubs are restrictive about hats, shorts, sports jerseys, and open-toed shoes for men. Dress up accordingly to enjoy what you wanted.

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