The Facts About Disability Claims

Disability insurance is one of the types of claims that most people have questions about if they are faced with making this kind of claim. In order to obtain disability in California or any other state, there is a process to go through, which can be confusing without knowing the facts about it.

Disability Insurance

The process to get disability can be a lengthy process until receiving income since the individual must be approved for the benefits. This usually is a type of claim made after being diagnosed with an illness or injury. It is a condition that results in a loss of work and employees in California are paying premiums for disability insurance in their payroll taxes. If the person is self-employed the premiums are based on the individual’s profit from the prior year. However, there are some employees that are not paying these premiums and are covered under a separate disability insurance, such as interstate railroad workers, some workers in certain nonprofits and domestic workers. Though most government employees may also not pay taxes toward this version of disability and his can also include some domestic workers.

Filing a Claim

Filing a claim generally begins with the individual obtaining a form from the person’s physician or in some cases their employer. Though disability insurance claims San Diego CA the form can also be gotten the California Economic Development Department (EDD). Or, you can check their website. The steps after this will include a portion of the form that must be filled out by the individual and then another portion that must be filled out by their doctor. Then the Economical Development Department will contact the individuals’ employer to determine what the wages and length of time employed. They may also contact the individual for any other needed information. If the agency determines the person is eligible they will contact them, and the notification will include the benefit amounts and when the benefits will begin.

This information that is provided to this information and the information they collect in California is protected under the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act referred to as HIPPA. So, in effect, this information will be confidential and protected by law.

What to Expect

Once the individual is approved for disability insurance from their claim they can expect to receive about 55{c4d976c6d7323d399b11046b361722ee07be3129afaeb59624aa397adea1d60f} of their usual wages although there is a cap on the amount a person will receive. Generally, this figure is determined by the person’s 12 months earning period prior to the last quarter prior to the claim being filed for disability. However, these benefits can be reduced for various reasons such as part-time work, workers compensation payments and military pay that may apply. The other reasons that could reduce the benefits amount may also include other types of income and holiday pay.

The filing process can take time but once it has been approved the agency will determine the start date and amount the person will begin receiving for their disability claim that will not need to be renewed when long-term.

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