Thousands of US citizens again protest Trump separate immigrant families



A demonstrator dressed as US President Donald Trump runs with immigration activists in action calling for an “end of family detention” and opposes the Trump government’s immigration policy, in Washington DC, US Capital City, Thursday (28/06/2018). (REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst)


Do you know where our children are? “

Tens of thousands of Americans took to the streets and re-demonstrated across the country against a “no-tolerance” immigration policy separating immigrant parents from their children by Donald Trump’s government.


The policy has led to more than 2,000 children separated from their families, crossing the border illegally, according to China’s Xinhua News Agency.


Very hot weather coloring downtown Washington D.C. on Saturday (30/6), but that did not stop thousands of protesters flooding Lafayette Field, which overlooks the north side of the White House. Similar demonstrations have occurred several times in some places in the US after the implementation of Trump-style immigration policy.



They shouted “We care, keep the family unity” and other slogans loudly denounced the hard policy of US President Donald Trump.


In the state of New Jersey, hundreds of people huddled along the road, several miles from Trump’s National Gold Golf Course complex, where the president and his family were spending the weekend.


The protesters held up signs with various writings, including “Even Trump families have the right to gather” and “you know where our children are?”


Organizers of the demonstration say about 630 “Families Belong Together” rallies have been planned to take place across the country and Washington D.C. made the main place


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