Type of Forensic Sciences

Forensic science is used to answer various questions related investigation and comparison of biological evidence, trace evidence, impression evidence, and other evidence in the criminal investigation. So with the help of this field, we can solve many cases which do not have sufficient evidence to resolve it. We will discuss different types of forensic sciences regarding forensic engineers & fire investigators and many others.

Forensic Odontology:

This field of study dealing with the uniqueness of all human dentition. It deals with proper investigation and evaluation of dental evidence which is presented as proof in some cases in the form of court. The evaluation of teeth helps us to get to know about the age of that person and to whom these teeth’s belong. These kinds of investigation are required in death cases when the body is not available in its best shape. So forensic team identify it with the help of their teeth examination. This field will also help us to identify a person whose teeth marks it is on an object or body of the victim.

Forensic Toxicology:

This field of forensic sciences deal with the case of death occurred due to the use of poison. So if a person is killed with the help of poison in this field we can identify it by taking some particles from the victim body. The analysis will tell us about the nature of poison along with its quantity and in which eatable product it was mixed. This kind of investigation is helpful if someone tries to declare a person dies a case of suicide.

Forensic engineering:

This field of forensic deal with the failure of device and structure. It is used to investigate products, structures, and devices which fail to produce the required results which are expected from them. It will help to understand the cause of electric short circuits and investigate fire reasons in different buildings. A criminal aspect is possible in any investigation but it is not always the case in civil cases. The basic reason for this field in forensic sciences to find out the reasons why this failure will happen and find out its reasons. So in the future, we can protect ourselves from that kind of incident by improving our products according to requirements. The method used in this forensic investigation includes reverse engineering, an inspection of witness statement and along with that the investigation of the failed component also involved.

Forensic Psychology:

This category of forensic sciences deals with the legal aspects of human behavior. They deal with various psychological applications which help to solve various legal issues which involve child custody dispute, child abuse of an emotional, physical and sexual nature, examine a person ability to sort out its personal affairs. So this branch of forensic provides help to courts in all these matters to make a good decision.

The advancement of technology and knowledge always help the human being to solve its problems. The same thing happens in this field of knowledge. As it is getting advanced it involves technology in it and tries to resolve cases more efficiently.

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