Bankruptcy AttorneySubmit a confidential query to one in all our chapter attorneys below. Both litigation and transaction expertise are essential to succeed as a bankruptcy lawyer. Sturdy communication skills, each verbal and written, are helpful in guiding shoppers by the intricacies of bankruptcy legislation in addition to performing properly in court docket. The method of filing for chapter generally is a lengthy and emotional endeavor. A chapter lawyer should handle their shopper’s affairs with seriousness and delicacy since a lot is at stake.

A Chapter 7 chapter allows you to discharge unsecured money owed corresponding to most credit card debts and medical bills as well as any unsecured loans. In some restricted circumstances, you may discharge previous taxes. You will be able to keep property that’s exempt equivalent to family furniture, clothes, and most retirement funds. Oklahoma additionally has an infinite homestead exemption. For different objects like vehicles, you possibly can … Read more

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TikToker Chelsea Perry (@chelseaperry515) shared the outrageous story of how her parents got marrieddivorced and remarried to each other three separate times.

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Perry is a TikToker whose parents had a pretty tumultuous relationship when she was growing up. In a recent videos that has racked up more than 1.8 million views, Perry shared the story of how her parents got marrieddivorced and remarried multiple times throughout her childhood.

Parents get married as teens, have my brother,” Perry writes in a caption at the start of the video, as she lifts her arms in the air and begins to dance on screen.

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“[They] get divorced two years later,” she continues, pressing her palms together above her head as though praying. “[They] marry

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The divorce process can create intense emotions. You might feel frustrated or confused during this time. Thinking about your TRICARE benefits may be the last thought on your mind. However, it’s something you must consider.

“TRICARE won’t pay for services or supplies provided to anyone who isn’t eligible for TRICARE, so it’s important you understand how your TRICARE coverage may change for you, your children, and your ex-spouse,” said Shane Pham, TRICARE policy and program analyst at the Defense Health Agency. “If a former spouse or a stepchild who wasn’t adopted loses eligibility in a divorce and continues to get care, TRICARE can recoup those payments which adds an extra layer of difficulty during an already challenging time.”

Read through the following Q&A to learn more about how divorce affects your TRICARE health benefits.

Q: How does divorce affect the sponsor?
A: Eligibility for TRICARE doesn’t

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