Disability insurance is one of the types of claims that most people have questions about if they are faced with making this kind of claim. In order to obtain disability in California or any other state, there is a process to go through, which can be confusing without knowing the facts about it.

Disability Insurance

The process to get disability can be a lengthy process until receiving income since the individual must be approved for the benefits. This usually is a type of claim made after being diagnosed with an illness or injury. It is a condition that results in a loss of work and employees in California are paying premiums for disability insurance in their payroll taxes. If the person is self-employed the premiums are based on the individual’s profit from the prior year. However, there are some employees that are not paying these premiums and are covered under …

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There are many people who make the costly mistake of driving after drinking and then are faced with decisions they never thought they would have to make. There are countless people who simply showed up on the court date and wanted to put the incident behind them, so they pleaded guilty and took the harsh punishment. Today we look at a few of the reasons why it will be beneficial both financially and mentally to hire a local DUI lawyer Virginia Beach VA to represent you in court.

Looking at the Arrest Video

Even if you were able to obtain the copy of the dash camera video during your arrest, you may not have a clue if your rights were violated or not. Your DUI attorney is looking very closely at a number of things that are taking place that doesn’t seem out of the ordinary to the average person. …

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