Why You Should Get A Lawyer For Your Uncollected Child Support

In America, there are millions of families who end up facing severe hardship because of a lack of income. There are many single mothers out there who also later learn that they will end up raising their child on their own. It is the responsibility of both parents, mother and father to both provide and care for their child, as they are both responsible. Many times, one of the parents end up failing to uphold their responsibilities in caring for the child and completely neglect their responsibilities overall. When this occurs, the other parent may end up facing severe financial hardship, since it can be difficult to afford the necessities that your child will need. Referring to the NCCP.org, studies show that there are about 15 million kids in America who are facing child poverty. Sadly, these children are unable to receive all of the necessities that growing children need, which can negatively impact their quality of life and well-being. Research continues to show that poverty is responsible and is also known to be one of the greatest threat to a child’s overall well-being. If you are currently facing financial hardship due to a lack of child support from you partner, then you may need to talk to a lawyer in order to fight for your rights for your child. 

Referring to Children International, studies show that there are about 1 in 7 children in America who will be born to poverty. Sadly, this is equal to approximately 15.5 million children in America who will be impoverished kids. Statistics also have found that there are about more than 40 percent of kids who will end up experiencing at least 1 year of extreme poverty before they end up turning 18 years old. When children are forced to experience poverty, they end up experiencing hunger, behavioral problems, obesity, suffer in their education and also develop emotional problems. It is important for parents to understand the harsh consequences that their children may face when they undergo poverty. Therefore, if you are currently a single parent and raising your child pretty much on your own, you may want to do better for your child by getting a professional attorney to help you receive child support that your child deserves. 

After speaking to your ex partner, you may not get the results that you were hoping for. Therefore, you will need to resort to contacting a child support attorney. Getting a child support attorney can assist your case in collecting the child support that you and your child both truly deserve. You can conduct a general search online for the following terms to find out more information on how you can get started with collecting your uncollected child support essex county nj

Helping your child get everything they need is the first step in building a successful future for your child. If your partner has failed to uphold their responsibility for providing for your child, then be sure to receive legal help. Getting a lawyer can only make the process easier for you and your child to collect child support.

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