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Allen Circuit Court

Faurote – Rianne and Jose Ramirez Lopez

Johnson – John E. Jr. and Candace J.

Ramsey – Jon David and Stephanie Ann

Thompson – Issac and Paw Soe

Panyard – Ashley and Travis

Allen – Sarah C. and William David Bender

Lapham – Amanda and Keith Brown

Anderson – Hollie and Jason

Renno – Katelyn and Jacob

Schlatter – Chad and Brandy

Bullock – Stacy K. and Michael L.

Lewis – Denise and Gabriel Feldman

Gnissien – Wekieta and Daouda Ouattara

Pearson – Sarah E. and Steven R.

Ramirez – Erwin Miguel Perez and Mirna Yolanda Muralles Chocon

Winter – Shelli and Jon

Slusser – Brittany and Jordan

Resort – Jody Rene and Norman A.

Allen Superior Court

Westendorf – Bruce and Nichole

Schwarz – Michelle and Evan

Washington – Marc Allan and Waddisha Lashae

Schane – Caleb M. and Olivia A.

Grant – Christopher and Keisha

Smith – Delaware and Matthew Knox

Berkey – Scott and Tiffany Lisa

Weikart – Paula and Ted Edward Geisleman

Hampshire – Sandra and Donald Jr.

Bender – William D. and Sarah C. Allen

Baughman – Chad and Katie

Runco – Kathleen M. and Heriberto AP Garcia

Rodrigues – Sarah and Teofilo

Divorce filings, which include divorce and legal separations, are provided by the Allen County clerk’s office. For questions about published listings, not the actual filing, call Terri Richardson, 461-8304, or email [email protected].

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